Week before half term

This week we practised making repeating patterns. We used all sorts of objects that we could find such as conkers, leaves and acorns. We even used the children to make patterns such as boy, girl, boy, girl etc. It was great to see some children taking their learning into the areas of provision and making their own patterns.

This year each class is going to ‘adopt’ a tree. RWC made their first visit to the Weeping Willow tree at the front of school. We will visit the tree at regular intervals and see how it changes in the seasons. We just managed to fit in our visit before Autumn really starts! We did some tree hugging and talked about the ‘bark’ and ‘trunk’ I wonder if the children can find a willow tree on any visits to parks or gardens? Please send some photos if they find a similar tree!

We also planted some bulbs in our outside area to give us spring colour.

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