Our Wonderful World

This term we’re exploring our natural world alongside the book Jasper’s Beanstalk. And what weather our wonderful world gave us this week to do so!

It’s our first week back after the holidays, and every body in our class has planted a runner bean. We chose not to use plastic pots, but made our own pots out of recycled newspaper!

The pots are in the classroom and we are waiting to see signs of germination….

Here are some pictures showing the stages of planting.

Our book this week is Jasper’s Beanstalk.

We started off by feeling a potato in a feely bag. What did it feel like? We had many suggestions such as ‘It’s hard” “It feels like a stone” When we took it out of the bag I asked the children what they knew about potatoes?

Many ideas started to flow, including Barnie talking about sweet potatoes and Esme talking about peeling potatoes! Nobody mentioned chips!

We then had a jacket potato for snack! See our photos here!

One more thing-

I wanted to share this lovely act of kindness from Barnie to Ayaan on his birthday

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