This is the Bear…

….whose sad face arrived on our board on Monday. This is the bear, who encouraged us to consider why he might be looking sad. This is the bear whose body parts we found and re-attached. Ask your child what happened next.

Ready Mixed Paint

Having spent time at the start of the year carefully learning how to use our block paints, the children have now moved onto learning how to use a different type of paint.

So we got the paint brushes out and learned how to use ready mix paints:

  • Roll up those sleeves
  • Wear an apron (ask for help velcroing the sides together)
  • half-fill a pot with water (for cleaning). Replace when the water gets dirty
  • Squeeze a little paint into each palette disc (a little at a time to stop wasting)
  • Stir your brush in the water to clean it – stroke it on the edge of the pot to dry (check the water runs clear)
  • Now you can use another colour
  • Wash up your palette and put new water into the pot for the next person
  • Place your painting on the next free space at the bottom of the drying rack

Here’s how we did:

Playing Schools

The children in RWC have shown a great interest in pretending to be teachers and playing schools so we have set up a little school area in the classroom and the children have been taking it in turns to wear the teacher lanyard and teach the other children. They like to take the register and teach letter sounds and green words just like in Read Write Inc.

1 thought on “This is the Bear…

  1. Daniel likes pretending to be a teacher at home too and says he wants to be a teacher when he grows up! It’s good to see all the steps they’ve learnt about for painting – we’ll try this at home.

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