This week we looked at snails. First we looked at some snails from Mrs Willis’ garden and watched them slide about the tank. We went on a snail hunt outside, but we only found 1 snail! We enjoyed the hunt though.

Have a look at these snails! the children loved decorating the spirals.

We looked at the collage by Matisse “The Snail” and we worked with a friend to make our own collage.

The children were inspired to write and draw this morning from seeing a snail move on our whiteboard!

Guess Who!

We have really enjoyed looking at baby photos this week! The baby gallery in the cloakroom is providing the children with opportunities for discussion and lots of laughter too. See how many babies you can guess!

Running around the field and creative activities!

The Jasper’s Beanstalk work has continued, and this week the children have been drawing Jasper’s, and making their own little cat books!

They have also been using shapes to make their own pictures.

This week we have taken the children out onto the field and run 2 laps of the school field. This is a whole school activity and our class have really enjoyed it. Infact they chose it as their reward this week! We will keep it up, and hopefully their stamina will get better and better ready for sports day


The children are getting better and better and they are so determined to reach the next level. Ella-Rose got her gold certificate and Esme, the bronze. They ket on practising and it has paid off! Some children can now skip in pairs!

Our 1 tadpole is continuing to grow and the children love hunting for it every morning. Sebastian is usually the first to find it! It’s great to see the children using the non-fiction book to find out information themselves.

This week we have shown the children how to play snakes and ladders and have brought out several floor jigsaws. The children can select these independently and play with their friends. Our class are so good at this!

Lastly, look at our paintings of Jasper! I showed the children what to do, and they went ahead and did these independently!

Our Wonderful World

This term we’re exploring our natural world alongside the book Jasper’s Beanstalk. And what weather our wonderful world gave us this week to do so!

It’s our first week back after the holidays, and every body in our class has planted a runner bean. We chose not to use plastic pots, but made our own pots out of recycled newspaper!

The pots are in the classroom and we are waiting to see signs of germination….

Here are some pictures showing the stages of planting.

Our book this week is Jasper’s Beanstalk.

We started off by feeling a potato in a feely bag. What did it feel like? We had many suggestions such as ‘It’s hard” “It feels like a stone” When we took it out of the bag I asked the children what they knew about potatoes?

Many ideas started to flow, including Barnie talking about sweet potatoes and Esme talking about peeling potatoes! Nobody mentioned chips!

We then had a jacket potato for snack! See our photos here!

One more thing-

I wanted to share this lovely act of kindness from Barnie to Ayaan on his birthday

‘The whistle’s blowing, quick – jump aboard!’

In the classroom and outdoors, we have been boarding the Magic Train each day to imitate Sally Crabtree’s story, which you can sing along to at home if you would like. We took turns at being the station master (which presented the opportunity to punch holes in tickets and practise our number bonds to ten) and we ‘blew’ the whistle to send the train onto its next destination.

The children worked collaboratively in teams to see who could sequence the settings correctly first.

They then thought of a sentence, said the sentence, remembered the sentence, wrote the sentence and checked the sentence before adding some beautiful illustrations of their favourite or own imaginary setting. We had a lot of trips to fairy land – we even tried to find it on our globe.

Enjoy any imaginary adventures you explore over your weekend!

Skipping Challenges!

In Reception we have started our Skipping challenges! There are bronze certificates for 10 skips, silver certificates for 20 skips and Gold certificates for 50 skips! 
Skipping improves fitness, co-ordination, co-operation, counting and behaviour. There is a real buzz of excitement when the children achieve a certificate and are so proud to receive their certificate to take home. Thank you to Zak for taking the action photos!

Science Week

Science Week in Reception

Well done to all of the children, who have settled back into school so happily this week. It has been lovely to see the children renew friendships and explore their classroom again. 

This week we have been learning all about our senses and how they help us to understand the world around us. We turned our noses up at smelly pots and tried to guess what it contained. Bravely, we dipped our hands into a feely box to discover objects, which the children described as soft, squidgy, spiky, rough, bumpy, hard and silky. Crayon rubbings enabled us to capture the textures of materials we found outdoors. We tried to identify our friends just by their voices and shared the story of ‘Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?’ Our eyes were used to spot the early signs of Spring. We tested our taste buds and considered if we preferred sour, bitter, sweet and salty flavours. 

Happy Birthday to Mason, who celebrated his birthday on the first day back!

World Book Day

All the Reception and Nursery children, both at home and in school, kept their pyjamas on for World Book Day! We joined an assembly altogether via zoom, and enjoyed seeing all the different pyjamas on show! 
We loved the MJ Grammar World book day rap  and recognised many of the books and characters that he rapped about! The children in school performed their own ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ rap too.  

We then took part in our own book day quiz and it was lovely to see some results on tapestry. Thank you all for taking part and we look forward to seeing you on Monday!