Our Music Area

Mrs Connelly has introduced a new music area in the classroom which allows the children to practise their musical skills learned on Fridays. The children have been learning about rhythm, beat and tempo through playing many different musical instruments. It was lovely to see the children selecting the songs and playing together. Here are a few photos!

We also had a mystery reader on Tuesday. The anticipation as a parent walked through the door with a piece of fabric over her head! George looked several times at the shoes and legs, and then the excitement of seeing his mum was wonderful. THANK YOU George’s mum for reading 2 stories to RWC!


Well done to Georgia who received her Silver certificate in assembly this week.

Arwah is our first child to reach 100! A rainbow certificate!

Well done to all who received certificates in assembly. Ayla and Barnaby were awarded Learner of the week certificates.

We also celebrated the brilliant retelling of the story Titch. Here are the clips to watch

Our Potatoes are growing!

We have a few leaves above the surface of the soil, and the children were the first to spot them. They have been watering them everyday and today the children added more soil. We also planted more beans, but made our own pots out of newspaper. No more plastic! Here are a few photos

Welcome to Milana, who started school on Tuesday. Our children have been so welcoming, and it was lovely to see Alan welcome her in Russian! He is no longer our new boy!

We have enjoyed learning out Talk for Writing Book ‘Titch’ As well as using the story map, we have learnt actions too. We will show you in assembly on Wednesday!

We also made kites, pin wheels and drew pictures too.

Happy Birthday Phoebe!

Bathing Milan

This week we bathed Milan in the classroom! Thank you to Amaya’s dad, who brought in Milan, the baby bath and all the other things we needed. Milan was so good, he only cried towards the end when we were getting hime dressed. He enjoyed the children singing ‘Twinkle, Twinkle!’


….have been the focus in the first week of our ‘Growing’ topic.

We started off by examining a real potato very carefully and gathered the children’s ideas about what they knew about potatoes. Alex knew they grew underground and Judah explained carefully about how the potatoes he eats have orange inside. We thought they might be sweet potatoes? We made a list of different ways of eating potatoes :mash, boiled, fried, roast and of course chips!

Mrs Ajith cooked us some jacket potatoes for our snack!

We planted potatoes outside in a sack and will water them every day. Hopefully we can eat our own potatoes before the summer holidays!