Trip to Harlow Carr

We are back from an amazing day at Harlow Carr. Thank you to our parents who were able to come and volunteer. It makes such a difference and it felt like we are getting back to normal!

Here are the photos we took for you all to see, hope you can see the happiness shining through!

Reception Sports Day

Reception enjoyed a fun afternoon running many different races for their houses. There was so much cheering and shouting while everyone ran as fast as they good. It was a tremendous team effort and thank you to our Y5 helpers! They were also a photographers too!

Hopefully we have captured all the children and I need to track down the ipad which has Sunningdale running the relay too!

Our captains were Leo, Joel, Jackson and Zak.

Thank you to the very generous (but anonymous) donor, who gave us money to buy treats for everyone involved in the Sports Day. That was very kind.

Here is a link to one of our relays

So good to be in the classroom again!

This week we all were glad to be back after home learning. We welcomed a new member of our class as well.

Here are some photos from this weeks learning

Josiah wanted to make an anniversary card for his Mum and Dad.

Patryk made a sling!

Leo, Mason, Esme and Damien acted out the story of Mr Gumpy

Sebastian spotted holes in our bean leaves. Was it a caterpillar?

We celebrated Leo’s birthday!

Home Learning

We had an unexpected week of home learning! However, thanks to all the parents/carers and grandparents who joined the zooms, several a day! The children are so good at muting and unmuting, taking turns to answer questions and waiting for their turn to show their work.

Thank you to Mrs Ajith, Miss Pridden and Miss Archibald for putting together this powerpoint to celebrate our work this week.

See you on Monday!


This week we looked at snails. First we looked at some snails from Mrs Willis’ garden and watched them slide about the tank. We went on a snail hunt outside, but we only found 1 snail! We enjoyed the hunt though.

Have a look at these snails! the children loved decorating the spirals.

We looked at the collage by Matisse “The Snail” and we worked with a friend to make our own collage.

The children were inspired to write and draw this morning from seeing a snail move on our whiteboard!

Guess Who!

We have really enjoyed looking at baby photos this week! The baby gallery in the cloakroom is providing the children with opportunities for discussion and lots of laughter too. See how many babies you can guess!

Running around the field and creative activities!

The Jasper’s Beanstalk work has continued, and this week the children have been drawing Jasper’s, and making their own little cat books!

They have also been using shapes to make their own pictures.

This week we have taken the children out onto the field and run 2 laps of the school field. This is a whole school activity and our class have really enjoyed it. Infact they chose it as their reward this week! We will keep it up, and hopefully their stamina will get better and better ready for sports day


The children are getting better and better and they are so determined to reach the next level. Ella-Rose got her gold certificate and Esme, the bronze. They ket on practising and it has paid off! Some children can now skip in pairs!

Our 1 tadpole is continuing to grow and the children love hunting for it every morning. Sebastian is usually the first to find it! It’s great to see the children using the non-fiction book to find out information themselves.

This week we have shown the children how to play snakes and ladders and have brought out several floor jigsaws. The children can select these independently and play with their friends. Our class are so good at this!

Lastly, look at our paintings of Jasper! I showed the children what to do, and they went ahead and did these independently!