Easter Activities

After discussing the links between eggs, new life and the Easter story, the children made Easter nests in the cafe. We washed our hands thoroughly, then counted out the squares of chocolate, noticing that the chocolate was solid. We broke it up into pieces. The chocolate was warmed in the microwave and the children had a turn to stir in the rice crispies. We hope you enjoyed eating them!

Our visit to St John’s Church

We had the most beautiful sunny day for our walk to the Church! As we got closer to the church, we heard the church bells ringing! Rev Sharon welcomed us in and we sat on the chairs. It was lovely to hear 2 children say ‘Wow!’ as they walked in!

Rev Sharon told us what she had a favourite stained glass window and we heard the organ play. We counted down from 30 while Rev Sharon changed into her robes, and Hannah sat in the special chair. It was interesting to listen to Judah talk about his Daddy’s Church, and we also asked Barnaby about his Dad’s job too. Rev Sharon was full of admiration as he is a hospital chaplain.

Thank you to all our parents that helped us walk safely to the church. WE couldn’t do it without you!

PS Well done to Sarai who spotted a Willow tree on the journey!

Science Week

This week we were scientists! We investigated using our senses. We smelled lots of different smells, tasted lemon! Looked at our eyes and felt many different textures. We also played a hearing game listening to different sounds. Can you spot the lab coat?

We planted some primulas and daffodils

Once upon a time!

….a basket appeared in RWC. It contained three buns and seven envelopes. What were they doing in our classroom? Where had they come from? We opened the envelopes and found some clues, which took us around the outdoor area: we found an axe; a wolf; a hooded red cape, a grandma hmmmmm.

Many other activities…

Our first assembly!

Thank you to all the parents that came to our first Learner of the week assembly. Amaya received a certificate for her outstanding learning behaviours and the kindness to shows to others. Rion received a certificate for his amazing progress in RWinc and with his number work too. We gave out lots of Reading Egg certificates and Maths Seeds certificates too!

Going on a journey around school

On Tuesday, we followed a picture map which took us on a journey around the school. We visited places that we hadn’t seen before, such as the pizza oven and the Y6 classrooms! We were invited into Mrs Stott’s office to ask some questions too. Thank you to the wonderful Year 5 role models, who kept us on track. I wonder what the children can remember noticing? These photos should help.

Activities this week!

This week we read the story of Farmer Duck. This is the story of a very lazy farmer, who let everyone else do the work! We thought of all the jobs that farmers do and loved the song that Mr Woolley taught us! Here are some photos

We love to share the learning that happens in the areas of provision.

On Wednesday Sameer changed the date for us and explained what the date will be tomorrow too

Hattie, Georgia and Robyn took up the CVC phonic challenge in the writing area

We loved George’s coat hanger!

Kian enjoyed the story ” The old lady who swallowed a fly” In fact he decided to reread it, copying some of the phrases. Now this is a love of reading!

We are so pleased to have Alan back with us. He is so helpful and enjoyed the role of handing out the pens in RWInc.

Police visit

Thank you to West Yorkshire police, who visited on Thursday and answered all of the children’s questions before letting us explore their van. We all now know that, if we become lost, we should ask a police officer for help and we should never talk to strangers, even if they offer us sweets.