Pumpkin Soup Week

This week we explored the book, Pumpkin Soup: a story where 3 friends work together to create the most delicious meal, the cat, the squirrel and the duck! But to get there they needed to help and support each other.

We studied pumpkins really carefully, not just the orange ones but really interesting ones with green knobbly skin! We used pastels, water colours and charcoal to recreate our own observations.

We also have our very own ‘Old White Cabin’ from the story, with a pumpkin patch.

After all that work, Mrs Willis got an apron on and served us some pumpkin soup. We all had a taste and I think most loved it!

Here are some additional photos of the children working in provision!

Back to School

What a welcome back to school! It was lovely to see everyone again this week after a very unusual half term holiday.

We reviewed all our letter sounds this week. The children had fun learning the differences (and similarities) between the ‘th’, ‘f’, and ‘v’ sounds.

We also read about Worry Monsters and were introduced to our own class monster called Nibbler. Nibbler eats up all our worries and helps to make us feel better.

We met Mr Mercer from Artforms Leeds who brought in his ukulele and gave us a wonderful singing lesson, socially distanced!

We will practise these songs in class, and maybe you could try at home!

Everyone It’s Music Time!
Shake and Stop

Our learning today

It was good to see some photos of RWC learning at home! So far today Thea’s done the sh phonics lesson, seen a willow tree from Harper’s bedroom window and drawn a poppy picture for daddy’s shop window. Joel and Molly have been learning ‘sh’

Sebastian wanted to tell you about his favourite book, See inside Your Body(but the video’s are too big) We’ve also been playing the number game and jumping or clapping to the number. 

Week before half term

This week we practised making repeating patterns. We used all sorts of objects that we could find such as conkers, leaves and acorns. We even used the children to make patterns such as boy, girl, boy, girl etc. It was great to see some children taking their learning into the areas of provision and making their own patterns.

This year each class is going to ‘adopt’ a tree. RWC made their first visit to the Weeping Willow tree at the front of school. We will visit the tree at regular intervals and see how it changes in the seasons. We just managed to fit in our visit before Autumn really starts! We did some tree hugging and talked about the ‘bark’ and ‘trunk’ I wonder if the children can find a willow tree on any visits to parks or gardens? Please send some photos if they find a similar tree!

We also planted some bulbs in our outside area to give us spring colour.